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“Digital Next have been able to reduce my total online spend, whilst generating more conversions and potential customers. What more could we want!”

Yusuf - Joseph Furniture


Joseph Furniture came to us having previously advertised on Google through another domain, which we identified was costing them around 10-15k per month through their current advertising spend. Not only that, but Joseph Furniture wanted to generate more B2C sales as well as B2B sales to retailers, so as to generate a positive ROI from their ad spend.


Our solution stemmed from rigorous testing of relevant keywords in the online furniture market to expose the new site to the desired demographic, in order to maximise the ROI from the start of the paid search campaign with us. In addition, we also created a bespoke strategy including a mix of campaign times that serve to complement each other in increasing brand awareness and sales. As such, we were able to generate over 19,000 monthly visitors equating to over 160 sales each month. Furthermore, we were able to achieve a 200% ROI over the last three months, giving rise to future plans to expand site exposure on other advertising platforms.

Here’s how we made this digital campaign spring to life!
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