↑ 2900%

Organic Users

↑ 479%

Event Completions

↑ 25,071%

Digital Next have consistently improved our online performance year on year, generating more leads than previously – especially through the site.

Tom Guard - MeetingZone


When Meeting Zone came to us, they needed to generate more leads through the website and business as a whole. Not only that, but the quality of leads needed to be improved to match their expansive growth strategy.


Our solution to Meeting Zone’s challenge required a number of different strategies; organic search, paid search, and web design. Using this trio of services, we implemented a new design on the site with more prominent call-to-actions, which increased both the order value and lead quality.


We also used organic and paid search to drive relevant traffic to the newly designed website, which increased the order quality and number of conversions generated through the site with organic users up 479% and conversions on targeted products up 2900%.

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