↑ 23.69%

New Users

↑ 22.12%

Goal Completions

↑ 100%

“Digital Next have been superb long-term partners with us, propelling our online growth through effective digital marketing solutions.”

Catherine Spink - Neon Creations


When Neon Creations came to us, they felt that their website was outdated and didn’t provide the best platform to promote their unique range of neon solutions. They also felt that their online performance could be improved through increased visibility. Additionally, the branding on their blog page was inconsistent with their main site without a real way of tracking performance.


As well as creating a new responsive website, we also redesigned their blog page and integrated it into the main site to heighten visual appeal and track performance. We also developed a bespoke blogging strategy for Neon Creations geared to further increasing online visibility and, in turn, traffic.


After deploying the new Neon Creations website, we saw great increases in site performance across all applicable marketing channels when compared to the same period prior to site launch, which included a 23.69% increase in sessions, 22.12% in new users and a 100% increase in goal completions. Further to this, traffic and page views have increased across all marketing channels too, which denotes an increase in exposure and visitor engagement with the Neon Creations brand.

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