Website Traffic

↑ 170%

Organic Revenue

↑ 2000%

Total Revenue

↑ £200,000

Digital Next have been an amazing team to work with. From sales and production to reporting, they have delivered clear results that have been superb for our business development.

Rizwan - Parisian


When Parisian first knocked on our door, they weren’t exactly utilising their online potential. And, as a result, their lack of online presence was hindering their performance across other marketing channels as well. What they needed was an increase in brand awareness and a boost to their organic performance.


With Parisian, our approach was focussed on increasing brand awareness and ensuring that their products were exposed to the right customers, at the right times. We worked closely with the team at Parisian to create a bespoke solution which saw their organic traffic increase month on month. Over the course of the year, Parisian amassed more than 100,000 visits, equating to a 170% increase in traffic. As a result, Parisian had a 2000% increase in organic revenue, taking home a cool £200,000 – all by getting seen in the right places.

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