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Digital Next transformed our outdated and limited website, into a multi-functional portal for our team and customers alike.

Greg Someone - Sinners Attire


Sinners Attire first came to Digital Next in June 2017. They were spending heavily on third party advertising (PPC, Paid Social etc) and wanted to change that. Recognising the importance and cost effectiveness of Organic Search, the team at Sinners Attire decided to utilise our expertise to help increase Organic Visits and Organic Revenue.


Challenge accepted.


Our approach for Sinners Attire was to focus on increasing brand awareness via a variety of keywords within the fashion industry. Initially, we did a complete On-page refresh and put together a specific Manual Outreach/Link Building strategy to increase Organic visibility and traffic.


The results where not only a 304% increase of organic revenue the conversion rate went up by 76% and over 50,000+ site visits consistently on a monthly basis which was a huge success.

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