It is getting to a point in the world of digital where social media and its influence can no longer be ignored, including the likes of paid social advertisements. With an increasing global movement towards being well and truly digitalised, from your company’s website to your brand’s social media channels, its authority and control over consumers’ decisions is now paramount.

In the past year alone, social media across the world has seen a staggering total of 2.3 billion active social media users, signifying a 10% increase since January 2015. There are also 1.96 billion active mobile social users, indicating a 17% increase over the last year.

With WhatsApp experiencing a year on year growth of 60% and Facebook adding half a million new users every day, it’s clear that both social media and mobile users are having a significant impact on the way we use the internet.

How does a business cash in on this?

As a business or brand, getting involved in the appropriate social media platforms should be strongly considered. If you’re already using social media from a business perspective, are you using it to its full potential? You may already be noticing some benefits from having a social media account, but what if you could expand on it even further?

Paid social advertisements can be a crucial way to boost your online presence. It can also ensure your products or services are seen by the people most likely to do business with you in some way.

Reap the rewards that paid social ads can bring

Essentially, paid social advertisements allow you to cut through the noise. If your social channel is already successful, with a strong number of followers, you may already notice that your page is getting a lot of engagement from the public.

Paid ads can still have a benefit in a situation such as this; promoting your page or a particular post can help you increase your following even more. This can give you the chance to obtain more leads and generate more interest in your brand.

You may wish to be looking to acquire new customers; if this is the case, paid social advertisements allow you to reach customers who might be interested in buying your product, but have never heard of you. If you are able to narrow down your customer base, you can target them effectively and increase your brand awareness.

Another essential part of utilising social media successfully is to consistently re-engage with your followers. Many of these could be existing customers who might be looking to buy from you again. If this is the case, you could benefit hugely from engaging with them, providing a gentle reminder of your brand and even resulting in return purchases. Promoting your latest deal through paid ads could be just as effective as an email marketing campaign, if not more.

Business or consumer?

It’s important to know your audience and what platform they are most likely to identify with, as well as which social network will suit your business type. For instance, if you are trying to use social media to tap into the B2B industry, LinkedIn is your go-to. If you are targeting consumers and members of the public, your brand awareness is more likely to increase if you use the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

If you think your online presence could do with a boost, get in touch with us today and find out about our social media services.

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