Happy New Year to all of our clients, friends, and readers. We welcome in the New Year with exciting updates from the world of paid search.

Last month, we saw the biggest change since the release of the popular AdWords tool back in 2006 – AdWords Editor 11.0. So, how are we settling into the update? One of the biggest changes seems to be the user interface. The tabs that were originally located at the top split into; keywords, ads, ad groups, targeting, extensions, and campaigns (shown below) now appear on the left hand side.

AsWords Editor 10.5

AdWords Editor 11

As the number of accounts increase, so does the need to find the things you’re looking for. Google have introduced a new panel for selecting type lists, which removes the need to navigate using tabs, so you can perform common tasks quicker whilst instantly accessing the campaigns, advanced features, and settings.

With so many changes to the layout, how are we adjusting to making large changes to accounts in an efficient manner?

We put our PPC experts to the test, and within a few days we were all comfortable enough.  One of the favoured changes on release was that you are able to make multiple selections i.e. being able to select multiple campaigns and look at all the ads/keywords etc. within them.

Since then, we have also been utilising the helpful keyboard shortcuts. The following are our team’s top 5 most helpful/used shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+O : Open accounts manager
  • Ctrl+B : Change bids of selected items
  • Ctrl+U : Change URLs of selected items
  • Ctrl+Shift+B : Make multiple changes
  • Ctrl+P : Post changes to this account

Big benefits: performing actions in bulk and at scale with 11.0

As described by Google; to simplify your workflow and reduce the time spent on campaign management for AdWords power users, it has been renovated from the ground up with a complete overhaul on the visual aspect. With a speedy interface, AdWords Editor 11.0 is intended for you to manage multiple accounts with ease, whilst still being able to juggle your additional day to day tasks.

This means you can go crazy with January sales campaigns for your e-commerce websites, without the worry that the tool is going to freeze each time you are building the campaigns and doing large quantities of copy and pasting elements of your campaign.

Making large-scale changes in previous versions of the tool has often been a challenge. With the update, it is much easier in AdWords Editor 11.0. Advanced multi-select functionality makes viewing and updating specific parts of your account much easier! You can select any combination of campaigns and ad groups to view their ads or keywords, and paste them into multiple campaigns and ad groups at once.

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