Google Analytics Analysis & Setup

Using the right tools to understand the health and performance of your website is key to your success, but how do you get the most out of Google Analytics?

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Why do you need Google Analytics?

It’s crucial to understand how your website is performing, including highlighting your successes and identifying where things need to be improved. Google Analytics gives you the chance to drive your SEO campaigns further, with insights relating to users, traffic, content and conversions. At Digital Next, we have the expertise to help you make sense of the data found on Google Analytics.

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Measure and improve your strategy

We are proficient in pulling the important information from Google Analytics to help you see how your website measures up. Our team can monitor and analyse your website to show you how people are using your website, including how they find you and what actions they take. Google Analytics and Google Search Console can also highlight any potential problems that we can help you fix. We can also offer the setup of Google Analytics if you don’t already have it.

Setting up Google Analytics

Google Analytics is key to measuring your success online. We can set it up for your website and utilise its features to provide regular reports on performance.

  • Find out how people find your website in the first place
  • Understand how people are using your website
  • Recognise website or HTML improvements that need to be made
  • Identify top performing content
  • Managing and monitoring your SEO performance
  • Spot trends in website usage

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Why Choose Digital Next?

At Digital Next, we’ve been working with Google Analytics since we can remember. We know what information can help your website, and we are able to explain it to you in the most straightforward terms. Setting up, monitoring and reporting on the metrics can be daunting for many business owners, so let us cut through the noise and help you measure your success.


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