Unlock Your Business’ Potential with Microsoft Advertising

Adding Microsoft Bing to your PPC strategy may bring a higher-income audience to your site. Google is great but you may be missing a large proportion of your audience if you choose to neglect the Bing network. With almost 40% of Bing users aged between 34 to 54 years old, this group has more spending power!

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Bing Paid Search Advertising

Bing is Google’s main competitor, and its network is equipped with a range of features to help you succeed online. At Digital Next, we can help you to be just as visible on Bing Ads as you are on Google Ads. We carry out research to see whether Google, Bing or a combination of both is best for your business, so you can get ahead of the game.

Advertising With Microsoft Bing

Launched in 2009, the Bing search engine also powers Yahoo! It’s important to make sure you are visible across Microsoft’s search engine, as well as Google’s. This is why we offer a Bing Ads service, helping you to develop a paid ads strategy to enhance your brand’s visibility across the internet. We may have Google specialists in our team, but they are no strangers to achieving success on Bing too, bringing you a cultivated blend of marketing strategies.

Should You Consider Microsoft Advertising?

While Google Ads seems like the perfect choice for businesses, there’s power in utilising other platforms. From reaching more relevant audiences to accessing new advertising tools and generating captivating campaigns that cut through the noise and clutter.

Microsoft advertising also allows you to keep your budget in check with smart budget management tools, giving you control over your spend.

  • Only pay for clicks
  • Budget on a daily basis
  • Start with any budget (big or small)
  • Ongoing monitoring and testing of keyword, bids and more to maximise your ROI
  • Put your business at the front and centre of searches for your relevant keywords

Don’t Ignore The Power Of Bing!

Discover how Bing Advertising can connect you to a different type of customer and generate impressive leads. Speak to our Digital Next team with a free consultation to find out how.

The Benefits Of Bing

Much like Google Ads, Bing offers a plethora of benefits for your business. With their own unique range of services and a platform that is tailored.

Reach That Matters
Leverage the vast network of Bing to place your services and products in front of millions. Unlike other platforms, Microsoft Advertising ensures your ads are seen by a relevant audience, making every penny count.

Cost-Effective Solutions
We understand budget constraints and the importance of ROI, especially for small businesses and startups. That's why our advertising solutions are designed to offer maximum impact for minimal investment. Bid smarter, not higher!

Seamless Shopping and Integrated Ads
For e-commerce sites, our seamless integration makes shopping a breeze for your customers. With Microsoft Advertising, your products are just a search away from being discovered.

Analytics and Insights
Our comprehensive analytics dashboard enables you to track your success, learn from audience interactions, and refine your strategies for even better results.

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Why Invest In Microsoft Advertising?

If you wish to diversify your PPC strategy, achieve more sales per user, bid against fewer companies and have greater control over ad filters, Bing advertising is ideal for you! Bing Ads over so many benefits that are often overlooked by businesses.

Plus, our research shows that a blended marketing campaign works best. Using the power of multiple search engines provides even greater results! If you’re looking for ways to explore the benefits PPC can offer you, let’s discuss blending campaigns too.

How Much Does Bing Advertising Cost?

Microsoft Advertising offers various pricing options, including cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM), and fixed budget campaigns. The cost varies depending on factors such as targeting options, competition for keywords, and ad placement.

However, with our budget management solutions and effective targeting strategies, you can reach your audience without breaking the bank. It doesn’t take the biggest budget in the world to start advertising across the Microsoft platform. In fact, even small, local businesses have been able to utilise Bing advertising platform to their advantage.

Want To Keep Your Bing Advertising Costs Down?

While we work with a range of businesses, many of whom have never tried PPC before, we also work with businesses and organisations who are currently utilising PPC in their digital marketing strategies but want to optimise their performance and lower their costs.

As we have mentioned, our team has years of experience dealing with ad spend and developing PPC campaigns that highly perform. At Digital Next we can work closely with your marketing team to review your current Microsoft ads and make suggestions in areas that can be improved. Focusing specifically on your spend, we can suggest ways in which you can reduce your ads spend while still retaining the return on investment. Our PPC team will frequently test different styles of ads, as well as attempt to lower your maximum bids, keeping your cost-per-click down and making your budget stretch further.

Want help lowering your advertising costs? – give us a call!

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Who We Work With

From small businesses to e-commerce sites and B2B organisations, over the last decade or so, we have worked with a wide variety of businesses and organisations to deliver results through paid search advertising. Utilising both Google and Microsoft services, our team of experts have the knowledge and experience to understand and work towards your specific business objectives. No matter the size of your business, the goals you have in mind, or the budget, we can work with you to tailor a Microsoft campaign that works for you!

Combine SEO With SEM for Maximum Results

If you’re currently building upon the SEO of your site and are uncertain that Search Engine Marketing will make a difference, it’s important to note that both SEO and SEM can work in harmony to improve your online presence.

At Digital Next, we can offer you a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to you and your business’ needs, identifying where, across the scope of digital marketing, we can reap the most benefits. And, if it’s right for you, bring together the powers of both SEO and SEM, running campaigns cohesively to generate the greatest return on your investment.

Maximise Your Reach with Microsoft Advertising

With the powerful combination of Bing’s search engine and Microsoft’s digital network, you have the opportunity to reach a wide range of potential customers. By incorporating SEM into your overall marketing strategy, you can expand your reach and attract even more interested buyers.
Additionally, with features such as remarketing and audience targeting, you can specifically target those who have previously shown interest in your products or services, increasing the chances of conversions.

Microsoft Advertising offers a cost-effective, audience-focused platform for businesses looking to grow and succeed in the digital world. With its vast reach, seamless integration with e-commerce, and insightful analytics, it’s a valuable tool that can help unlock your business’s potential. So why wait ? Start advertising with Microsoft Advertising today see the results you have always wanted for your business.

Get Started Today With Digital Next

At Digital Next, we see the bigger picture. While Google is the biggest search engine, this doesn’t mean we forget about the other platforms that could win you customers and generate leads. Our team has a proven track record of creating successful Bing Ads campaigns to make sure your business is noticed across the web. Focusing on impressive ROI and creative ideas, let us show you a whole other side to PPC advertising.

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Don’t Ignore The Power Of Bing!

Discover how Bing Advertising can connect you to a different type of customer and generate impressive leads. Speak to our Digital Next team with a free consultation to find out how.