Engage And Convert Your Visitors

To get the best results, you need a landing page that engages all visitors at the various stages of the buying process. This is where the DN team comes in handy. We can create and optimise campaign landing pages that are sure to achieve results.

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Results-Driven Landing Pages

Bringing together creative web design and strategic content, campaign landing pages can be crafted for a specific purpose in order to boost your performance online. We have the expertise to design campaign landing pages that play a critical role in exceeding your goals.

Capture Traffic And Convert Customers

At Digital Next, our multi-channel marketing approach means we’re able to design and create campaigns that bring different digital avenues together for the benefit of your business. Campaign landing pages can help to speak to your customers in a way that resonates with them, encouraging them to take action with your brand. The right landing page can capture new customers, as well as re-engaging current ones, with the right design and content that works in perfect harmony.

High Converting Landing Page Design

Conversion-driven landing pages are an effective way to drive results for your online business. We understand the fundamentals of landing page design and what makes it work. From design phases to user tracking, our team creates campaign landing pages that engage your customers. Our process is concise and highly effective!

Step 1 – Discovery & research phase
The initial phase of the process will form the foundations of a successful landing page design. We will spend time understanding your goals and research competitors to develop our knowledge base.

Step 2 – Demographic research
Importantly, our team will conduct demographic research to understand the thinking behind your audience. From here we can consider what will get them to engage and convert.

Step 3 – Content curation
Implementing our research findings into the design process, we will start by writing some killer content that is sure to grab and grasp your audience’s attention!

Step 4 – First round design drafts
The designers will begin creating first drafts for you to review. These initial drafts will set us off on the right foot to achieve a final landing page that fits with your brand and achieves results.

Step 5 – Second round design phase
With your feedback, we will continue into the second phase of the design process. Finalising a campaign landing page to be proud of!

Step 6 – Responsive development
Once the design is complete we will then work to ensure the landing page works. This includes guaranteeing your landing page adjusts smoothly to various screen sizes, including mobile.

Step 7 – Heat mapping & user tracking
Finally we will use tracking data and heat mapping to analyse how visitors interact with your campaign landing page. Using this information we can make any changes to improve performance.

Turn Website Visitors Into Leads!

Get started with our landing page design and development services today and create high-converting landing pages that capture leads and boost conversions.

Elements of an Effective Landing Page

When it comes to the design of an effective landing page, there are several factors that will elevate your page’s performance. A quality landing page that has the ability to convert will include:

Clear and Concise Headline: The headline is the first thing that a visitor sees on your landing page. It should be attention-grabbing, clearly state the purpose of your page, and encourage visitors to keep reading.

Engaging Visuals: A visually appealing landing page can make a big impact on visitors. Use high-quality images, videos, or graphics that are relevant to your product or service.

Persuasive Copy: The copy on your landing page should be concise, persuasive, and focused on the benefits of your product or service. Use bullet points, bold text, and subheadings to make it easy for visitors to skim through the content.

Call-to-Action (CTA): A clear and prominent CTA is essential for converting visitors into customers. It should be visually appealing, use action-oriented language, and be placed above the fold.

Social Proof: Including social proof such as customer testimonials, reviews, or trust badges can build trust with your audience and make them more likely to convert.

Mobile Responsiveness: With the increasing use of mobile devices, it is crucial to ensure that your landing page is optimised for mobile viewing. This includes having a responsive design, easy-to-click buttons, and fast loading times.

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PPC Campaign Landing Pages

Driving customers to your site through adverts and campaigns can be effective, but not if the web page they land on is substandard. PPC landing pages need to be up to scratch with relevant content and an engaging design, otherwise you’ll find your customers will simply click off your site.

Improve Your Conversion Rate With Quality Campaign Landing Pages

A well-made PPC landing page will have a huge impact on your PPC campaign’s success. Your ads may be enough to capture the attention of your audience but where they land is how you keep them keen. To improve conversions and keep your bounce rate low, a bespoke landing page needs to look right and read well.

Create Landing Pages Unique To Each Campaign

A PPC landing page acts as a dedicated page for your PPC campaign. This page is intended for use by those who click on your pay-per-click-ad. As part of your PPC campaign this page will be designed to increase conversion rates, compared to simply landing on your site’s homepage or services page. Research has actually shown that a custom landing page will generally yield around an 8% to 20% conversion rate!

How Can PPC Landing Pages Help?

Your customers will click on something because it’s caught their eye, but you need to keep them interested. We can create PPC landing pages for your Google ads with the right look and content so that your bounce rate remains low. Our PPC landing page designs are visually appealing and well-written, keeping your customer happy and improving conversions.

From the initial consultation to the achieving the final landing page design, various members of the Digital Next team will work with you to collaborate on the landing page content, copy, and visuals, as well as performance optimisation.

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6 Best Practice Tips for Designing Landing Pages

With years’ of experience in both PPC advertising and web design, our team knows a thing or two about what makes a good landing page. Not only taking into consideration the appearance and look of the page but how it performs and engages with potential customers. The following are some of our best practices for landing page design:

  1. Keep it Simple: A cluttered landing page can be overwhelming and drive visitors away. Keep the design simple, use white space effectively, and focus on one main call-to-action.
  2. Use High-Quality Images: Visuals can make a big impact, but make sure to use high-quality images that are relevant to your brand and message.
  3. A/B Testing: Experiment with different versions of your landing page by using A/B testing to determine which elements work best for your audience.
  4. Easy Navigation: Make it easy for visitors to navigate through your landing page and find the information they need. Use a clear and organised layout with a logical flow.
  5. Consistency: Make sure that your landing page aligns with your brand image and is consistent with other marketing materials. This could be as simple as matching the design to other pages of your website to ensure your audience are able to instantly recognise your brand after clicking through from an ad.
  6. Analyse and Update: Continuously analyse the performance of your landing page and make updates as needed. This will help improve conversion rates over time.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

With our team’s combined years’ of experience we have been fortunate to work with a wide variety of clients from all walks of life and industries in designing web content and landing pages that provide results. Across our case studies we have shown a demonstration of our work, dedication and commitment to delivering quality products for our clients. So, if you want to see some real-life examples of what our web design and PPC team are capable of doing for you, simply check out our case studies today.

Why Choose Digital Next?

At Digital Next, we create unique landing pages that are tailored to your business needs. We understand that while every business is different, campaign landing pages are there to drive results and improve your profitability. The team can deliver landing pages to suit any type of business across any industry, whether you are hoping to generate leads, sell products or increase enquiries. With in-house designers, content writers and SEO and PPC account managers, we have the capability to manage your campaigns from start to finish.

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Turn Website Visitors Into Leads!

Get started with our landing page design and development services today and create high-converting landing pages that capture leads and boost conversions.