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Being active on social media is a must-have for your business, and has become one of the most effective platforms for reaching your customers and generating interest in your brand. Whether you’re already building up a following through your business pages or you have no idea where to start, let us guide you the right social media strategy.

Organic and paid social media

At Digital Next, we understand the power of social media. We use both organic and paid social media strategies to help your business grow, through carefully constructed posts and ads that send the right message to the right people. Organic social media can help you communicate and engage with your customers on a personal level, while paid ads can provide that extra boost.

Why do you need social media marketing?

Social media marketing has transformed into an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. Your customers are using social media to find brands and talk about brands, so if you’re not active on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you’re risking customers finding a competitor instead. The right social media strategy can generate impressive results and offer key insights on your customers and the wider industry.

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How We Work

Social media is a fast-paced environment with real-time conversations, bringing your brand closer than ever to your customers. We take the time to understand your brand and its story, so we can tailor the right strategy to meet your business goals. Whether you’re starting from scratch or building on an existing profile, we carefully plan and execute social media content that is targeted to your customers.

Social Building Audience

Building Your Audience

By taking the time to understand your business, we can begin to create the right audience of customers we’re hoping to engage with. This helps us to put your brand in front of people who are already likely to need or want your services and products, increasing your chance of success across the social media platform.

Social Tailored Ads

Tailored social content

We create social media posts based on your brand’s tone of voice and messaging, utilising different forms of media including images and video. With strategic and creative ads and posts, our social media strategies are completely tailored to your business and your customers, finding the right message that resonates and drives results.

Social Reporting

Social media reporting

Every campaign we run on social media is accompanied by regular updates and reporting, so you have full transparency on what we’ve been working on. We can provide insights into what has worked, and what hasn’t, in order to help us move forward and work even more effectively to enhance your brand.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

At Digital Next we employ a variety of services to help you achieve your goals. Whether you want us to simply consult and offer our guidance, or fully manage your social media channels, we can tailor a service to suit you and your business.

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