Continual growth continues in both fund-backed and private equity businesses seeking Digital Next’s services.

A continual barrier to growth encountered by many businesses is the ability to unlock the cash flow necessary to expand steadily and consistently, we see many great companies wanting to grow online and with the required capital to do so but needing the right partner or advice.

An important way to establish business growth is to find the right talent. This is particularly applicable when it comes to finding properly qualified and highly experienced employees – especially those with technological skills. At Digital Next we bridge that gap; we can help you find the talent, or we can partner closely with you and build the strategy, project scope and carry out implementation even on the most difficult complex online projects.

We know talent, however, comes at a price. Many digital technology and marketing businesses are reporting that potential candidates want salaries far in excess of what they’re able to pay. In certain areas, there’s such a small supply of appropriately qualified technicians that they’re essentially able to charge anything they please; fortunately we have the contacts and also the necessary skills in-house to work with you on whatever your online digital strategy requires.

Divergent requirements for tech-specialists

Money isn’t all that matters. The very best technicians are constantly seeking to improve their skills – they want to work with the newest technology in the widest possible range of applications. Whether it’s SEO software or the latest implementation of Google Ads technology, through to brand new marketing and accounting software. Gifted technicians require newer technology to work with than many firms are able to provide we have built the platform and necessary ability to be able to work with you in or out of the office or at a distance if required.  Through modern methods which we have developed and the closeness you will feel working with us as a digital partner are what is desired in every area of business in the UK and internationally.

Mark Blackhurst, COO of Digital Next, explained “There is a clear shortage of skills within the UK technology industry the fight is on for the talent. With technological skills being the backbone of nearly all industries, we took the decision to build an extremely strong technological skill base and have everything needed to make your online project a success at a distance or in house”.

“We know a private equity firm’s very nature is to facilitate the growth of business that’s where we are top of our game in facilitating this growth. Investment is not enough if the people with the appropriate skills are still unavailable to be hired – ultimately business growth is still stifled, fortunately we have this covered and now deal with blue chip and exponentially growing companies all over the world.”

How Digital Next makes a difference

On the last five years there has been a marked growth in the number of fund-backed and private equity firms coming to Digital Next for help, advice, and encouragement over the last few years. The results are achieved by allowing companies to make the very most of their available budgets, thanks to the many years of experience we have gained we are here to achieve your aspirations.

At Digital Next, sophisticated, multi-channel solutions are developed and then seamlessly integrated either directly, or through collaboration with the business’ internal teams.

Mark continued, “talent is where the bottlenecks are for businesses. Technology that allows them to facilitate growth of market share – such as SEO management and marketing – is readily available. Private equity firms need to be able to attract, employ, and retain the top-tier technological talent in order to achieve their investment goals. The ability to quickly scale talent in line with business demand is also essential.”

Our job is to give consistent attention to improving the way these businesses serve their clients and handle sales of which is a key component of the service. So too is ensuring their marketing systems are making use of the latest SEO expertise, and benefit from a key understanding of Google Ads.

Mark concluded, “we continue to work alongside a large number of key private equity and fund-backed businesses, so we’ve developed an innate understanding of the struggles they are currently experiencing. This has allowed us to trim and tailor our service going forward to ensure we’re doing everything possible to achieve their goals in the best possible time. It will always be a core feature of our business model to pool our experience and expertise with that of our clients. This allows us to work together to craft and achieve meaningful and achievable solutions.”

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