For me, the English graduate making the leap from novels and books, to content marketing and SEO, successful marketing seems to be a mix of several different ingredients.

From my point of view, it’s like a good cocktail, with a thousand and one different variations. It might taste great, and your first 500 customers will tell you the same thing, but it isn’t something to get too confident with. One customer might like more lime, one might want no ice, and not every marketing campaign is the same because everything that worked for one customer might not work for the other.

What Is Successful Marketing?

According to one marketing guide author, there are 72 different definitions of ‘marketing’. But I choose as the most relevant definition, the Business Dictionaries definition instead.
Marketing is, ‘The management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer’. This includes identification of product, selection of distribution channel and development/implementation of a promotional strategy.
So for me, successful marketing is when these campaigns work, products are sold, and your campaign reaches the desired customer demographic. SUCCESS!

Successful Marketing Campaign Examples

If you are struggling for inspiration and the campaign you cooked up is looking like it would make Mary Berry cry in pain, then do not despair. It is time to take inspiration from those that have managed to market their business or product successfully.


WestJet’s 2015 Christmas campaign saw them soaring above the rest.

Their heartfelt, tear jerking marketing campaign so not only 40 million total Youtube views, 2 million Facebook likes, but also over an 86% increase in sales compared to their previous Christmas.
The campaign was simple, sideline the product, pull on the audience’s heartstrings, get Santa dressed in WestJet brand colours and sit back whilst their business boomed. The success of the campaign came from knowing that the flights they were selling were now a part of a loveable Christmas story, everyone wanted to be involved (and everyone was hoping that at the end of the next flight they took, there was a plasma telly waiting for them).

Protein World

Protein World

Before their controversial campaign, Protein World were virtually unheard of. The brand simply conjured up images of a world made out of chicken, or a guy in the gym doing weights whilst he force fed himself salad.

The billboard offended a lot of people because it supposedly claimed that you were not ready for the beach unless you looked like their poster girl. Many claimed it was offensive, rude, and discriminated against women that were not the same size as the poster girl.

I’m not suggesting you go out there with your campaign and offend everyone with your content. However, it was certainly eye-catching and certainly got people talking about them on social media. What more could you want?

Evian’s Dancing Babies

Everyone remembers the dancing babies. The advert from Evian which showed babies dancing to music, surfing, rollerskating and a number of other activities. Not only was it different, eye-catching and funny, its message was that their water can make you more youthful. It was like the newest plastic surgery on the block.

This was one of the first YouTube exclusive marketing campaigns by a worldwide brand. Their first video was even entered into the Guinness World Records for the most viewed online advert ever.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

Although all of these campaigns lacked content, and were produced by major brands, their messages are still the same. Sometimes the product must take the back seat, the marketing must take control and then your message will be heard. Instead of constantly pestering your customer with your product or business, it is important to take the time to implement, develop and construct a marketing campaign.

This can develop your brand, further your success and be a great platform for any of your future campaigns.

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