Taking Control Back

The Digital Next team was recently asked what is the major issue that a Digital agency faces when approaching prospective customers? We immediately responded with consumer confidence and trust being the main obstacles. Decision makers are increasingly looking for genuine service delivering ethical results, with so many rogue digital agencies in existence white hat agencies are regularly tarnished with the black hat brush.

Digital Next was set up from the growth of SEO Next and clients asking if we provide other digital marketing services. We are often approached by companies who want to reclaim their website from the clutches of a bad agency. One of our aims as a company therefore is to provide clients with the knowledge of what they need to be asking companies when looking for digital services.

Domain Name

Control of your domain name is key and when starting any website project a domain name will have to be registered. When registering a domain name, if the chosen one is available, there will be a small annual fee, this is similar to registering your company name in the physical world. When your website is created then this is attached to your domain name in the same way a bricks and mortar shop is attached to your company branding. If you choose to move that shop then you rent a new premises (website hosting), move your goods there (website) and attach your business name (domain) to that new shop.

Domain names need to be safeguarded and registered in the name of the business owner. If an agency has registered the domain then the registrar will not deal with you as your web company is ultimately their customer.

Everything Else?

The following guide looks at maintaining control of your website and its functions.

1.If you did the following yourself:

·Signed up for a domain name and retained control of it.

·Signed up with a web hosting company.

·Created a separate FTP account with a different password for your web designer so that he/she can publish your site.

Simply terminate your web designers access to your website by deleting their FTP account its that simple!

2.You did the following yourself:

·Signed up for a domain name and retained control of it.

·Signed up with a web hosting company.

If your web hosting company is not the culprit then ask them to simply reset the password and you will have full website control. If they are the culprit then simply move web hosting companies.

3.You did the following yourself:

·Signed up for a domain name and retained control of it.

Point your domain name to a new web host you would need to rebuild your website though. Check your contract, if you have one, on what is the terms are regarding moving your website to a new web host.

4.You did the following:

·You did nothing and your web design agency did everything for you!

Get an IT Lawyer!

If you are having problems with any of the above please dont hesitate to contact us, our IT technical Lawyers who are experienced in dealing with domain disputes, website disputes and digital service related disputes will be happy to help.


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