Extraordinary times has required extraordinary abilities and the total commitment of our staff and our partners. It has been a time of enormous upheaval for the world with the double-edged sword of Brexit and also a worldwide pandemic.

At Digital Next during this time we have stepped up our efforts to think bigger and innovate, enabling us to be the very best version of ourselves possible and so far, the results have been very rewarding. We now feel it’s a much better time to shout about our achievements, and our involvement in some amazing success stories of companies we have assisted in tackling their challenges head-on, as well as striving to improve ourselves internally.

We have focused on the difference we have been able make to revolutionise many of our clients’ digital abilities, from their websites, their marketing, and the effect this has had on the results we have been able to achieve for them.  

We have kept our eyes and ears close to the ground for our current and new clients, alongside the partners we work with.  

We have worked harder and smarter, knowing what we did during these tough times would bring significant all-round reward, especially from the standpoint of ensuring we had the best skills in the UK and Australia from a web development, SEO, Google, and social media standpoint.

We have put focus upon the value of our people and staff, with just a few of our values and achievements listed here:

  • Helping ambitious clients to grow – Our hyper-speed, next generation accelerator scheme to help identify and nurture high growth projects and to their potential.
  • Encouragement to continue to think out of the box and use innovative thinking.
  • Ambition is the core of our thinking and as high for Digital Next and our clients and partners now, as it was from day one.
  • We have continued to invest in staff to study or self-improve – stepping up the skills and abilities of our staff members by investing in our people.
  • Continued to provide work experience utilising every means possible to ensure we kept our promise to students who relied on us to give them experience.
  • We are proud to have employed 20 apprentices over 10 years.
  • Additional charitable partners secured and assisted, including Greater Manchester Youth Network and Manchester Youth Zone and Stockport Football Association, as well as many others.

Since the day we worked with our first client back in 2009 and to this day the same relentless passion, hunger and desire to achieve the best possible results for our clients remains the same.

I feel particularly proud of Justin, who now for ten years has shown incredible drive and determination to be the best possible version of a CEO. His effort is commendable for going over and above, and the same goes for the rest of our close-knit team who have often gone above and beyond for our clients.

This commitment really is testament to what we have created as an organisation. It really has been a remarkable achievement to show such commitment and ability in adversity.  It shows the true character and personality of the team.


Other notable achievements 

  • Actively involved with writing Doing Business After Brexit: Volume 2 with Helen Tse, in association with Bloomsbury.
  • Pursuing and reaffirming our commitment and involvement with education and academic institutions.
  • Used our Google Premier Partner status to step up our levels of expertise. Only 3% of UK Digital Agencies have this accreditation. 
  • Set up team to spot target business and analyse to extract hidden potential in the products or services sold and their marketing potential. 
  • Special working weekend teams designed to produce extra commercial results adding extra value.
  • Absolute dedication to be experts within Digital Marketing incorporating SEO, Google Ads, social media and more.
  • Held consistent efficient daily sessions every weekday morning as a team, remotely or in person.
  • Gone over and above to assist clients with their growth aims.
  • Made sure that no client suffers from lack of ability for meet ups or communication by investing in upgrading CRM systems, telecommunications and software.
  • During this time of need, directors and senior staff have been even more hands on. 
  • Gave certain clients appraisals and extra assistance and work assistance where required.
  • Worked out of hours where necessary.

In isolation, both Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic would have caused significant damage and turmoil to the UK economy. With both once-in-a-lifetime scenarios playing out simultaneously, UK businesses are under immense pressure to survive and thrive.

We are a business trying our absolute best to do the right things, advising and passing on our professional knowledge and skill to people who rely upon them for decisions in life and business.

The expert team at Digital Next know how important search engine optimisation is to your business. We have over a decade of experience and are up to date with best practices and the strategies to ensure your website and online presence is driving the quality traffic you need to stay ahead of the competition. Get in touch to start your journey with us today.

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