The SEONext Brand is Going Nowhere

The team at Digital Next would like to state clearly that we are the mother brand for SEONext, both brands are the same company. There has been a lot of confusion and speculation mainly around SEONext no longer existing, with Digital Next forming from its ashes, this is not the case, we are very proud of our roots, SEONext is still very much aliveespecially after our recent trademark victory over who tried to stop us oprerating under our brand name.

SEONext was born 4 years ago out of our founders back bedroom. Over the years, we have gathered hundreds of clients, these clients were all requiring more services from us. Especially with the embryonic nature of the internet, as a business we have had to change with it and took control of more aspects of our clients online presence. This is embodied in the birth of the mother brand Digital Next. Much like Coke, owners of multiple soft drink brands, see this link, they have launched several brands over the years, like them, we will be launching other new brands in the future as well!

Digital Next was launched to ensure customers could see that we didnt just offer SEO, we are a full service digital agency and are expanding our services ongoing. We waited this long because we wanted to ensure the new services we offered were just as strong as the core SEO service we offer. The internet marketing methodologies we are now offering to clients are; SEO, PPC/Google Ad Words management, web-development including e-commerce, social media management, digital brand development, as well as Penguin Recovery Services, in line with Googles latest database updates, this service is in high demand!

A statement from our Managing Director, Justin Blackhurst

Everything is becoming more integrated these days, and brands are increasingly looking to get all of their online marketing services under one roof. The idea behind the new agency was that it would be a one-stop-shop for SMEs, other marketing professionals and digital agencies alike. Weve developed the brand to act as a parent brand for SEONext, and see it as a natural and organic step in the development of the SEONext brand. We have also taken on five new employees at our Manchester headquarters and supplemented the team with the creation of a coding division. It is important we have the skill set to be able to deal with all client needs. Our aim is to offer clients truly cutting-edge digital services and the products that they need to fuel their growth from the bottom up. There are lots of exciting plans in the pipeline to help achieve this aim, so watch this space.

To further reinforce this message, please read this press release that was published today in the Manchester Evening News!


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