Twitter, it is something you either love or hate, However, if you are on Twitter then you need to be thinking about how to attract followers and who to actually follow.

We have all been there when we receive an email notification from Twitter telling us that we have another person following us but what should you look for before you click to follow them back?

Digital Next present the top things to look for in a Twitter follower who has followed you:

  • Ratio of followers to people following if it is about 1:1 then thats pretty good but if you can see they are following 8000 people and only 100 are following them back then this is a huge reason to be unsure whether to follow back.
  • Check their Bio read their bio and check they are not a robot, make sure their bio is filled in with information where you can gage who they are and what they do. If you cannot then again avoid them at all costs.
  • Check their avatar Do they have the Twitter Egg or a random picture because this matters. You need to ensure that they have a picture of themselves or a company logo. If they do not then again do try to avoid this.
  • Look at their Tweets look recently what have they been tweeting about? How many replies have they left? This will indicate how they use Twitter, if they have no replies on their profile then it tells us they are broadcasting and self-promoting without desire to interact with other members avoid!
  • Check their location if you are looking to target a particular target audience within a particular area then it could be more beneficial for you to follow people who fall into this category.

As a full service digital agency, we advise to avoid following people who you cannot service.

If you follow these simple guidelines from Digital Next then you can be sure that your Twitter profile is strong and gives out the right message about you and your company. We offer full social media integration, speak to a member of our friendly team today.

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