Website Security

If you’ve never thought about checking your website for security risks and vulnerabilities, now might be the time to make sure your online business is secure.

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Website and Web Application Security

Whether you’ve just launched a new website or you’ve had an existing website for years, checking it from a security perspective could be key for the future of your business. It may not be something you are well-versed in, but you can rest assured that the team at Digital Next are.

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Achieve Online Security

Security has become a ranking factor for Google, so it’s in everyone’s best interests that your website is secure. From something as straightforward as having an up-to-date SSL certificate, to highlighting potential vulnerabilities, we can create and deliver a findings report and highlight the necessary changes. We can help you identify bug fixes and development changes, whether you have a small website or a huge one. Online security is so important in today’s day and age, and isn’t something to be overlooked.

Protecting your business

We can help to assess the security of your website, identifying problems and offering the right solution to make sure your business is secure online.

  • Initial scoping
  • Consistent assessment of your web platform
  • SSL certification
  • Identifying bugs & open points of entry
  • Regular reports and updates
  • Finding a secure hosting provider

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Why Choose Digital Next?

Our experience in building websites means we also have a great understanding of how to protect them, whether you have a 1-page brochure website or a huge website selling hundreds of products. We can tailor our website security services to suit your needs, with regular checks and reporting. From the foundation and discovery phase to web development work, the security of your website is at the forefront of our minds.


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