News has been filtering in over the past few weeks regarding the implementation of Mobile Site Statistics throughout Webmaster Tools Search Queries. Its little news to most that mobile devices are beginning to take over in the race for usability supremacy, but its good news to see Google taking these metrics into account and allowing us to view this in more detail.

Google has also announced in their latest Webmaster Blog that data is no longer rounded throughout Webmaster Tools as it was before.

Your new Mobile data can be viewed in a similar way to typical website search query data, via the Search Queries tab.

What Can we see?

Simply select your mobile site from the filter in the top right hand of the dashboard and itll appear just as your average site would. The filter gives you the option to look at Queries where mobile pages have appeared in search results OR where Google has applied a Skip Redirect.

Mobile Dawning

Its actually quite surprising that Google has only recently implemented this ability into their world renowned system after their Google Analytics platform has contained this data for some time. What is clear to webmasters & users alike, is that Google is starting to recognise the Mobile Effect more and more as the web industry transforms yet again.

This news coming before the release of detail for Googles recent smartphone prototype with the apparent ability to offer 3D Maps to users, a.k.a Project Tango. The possibilities of such a device would entail a potential transformation of how navigation works, including building navigation for blind or partially sighted people.

It seems Google are as thirsty for mobile as the name suggests. Project Tango. It seems appropriate to name it after a canned drink famous for slapping their brand into peoples faces.

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