Digital Next sure have come a long way in the SEM industry.

It seems like yesterday when Justin & I were sat in our old bedroom, taking the baby steps that would form our global enterprise. Wed spend hours and hours trawling throughout websites & researching keyword optimisation, making the little tweaks from single keywords to keyword phrases. Moving keyword phrases to long-tail keyword phrases and watching those rankings fly.

Those were the good old days! We watched as our business grew from a bedroom, to a 180 global team with offices located around the world. Nowadays SEO is very different as Google continues to rock the boat, Digital Next have adapted and refined ourselves as a global brand along the way.

Todays world of Google search throws countless variables into the field of SEO in addition to things that have always been associated with keyword ranking, such as title tags, H1 tags, and Googles optimum tool, link building. As a result of these continuous updates there are many new factors that can help to improve your SEO campaign.

Social media networking is now beginning to gain high levels of favour from Google with signals from sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and others helping to develop an online profile even further. Networking tools such as blogs & network communities can be aligned with SEO practices to help contribute to the potential of a strong SEO campaign.

With the ever increasing consumer presence online, personal reputation is becoming vital to the success of an SEO campaign & a successful business. Leveraging social media signals and earning links within is critical to the reputation for many sites worldwide, helping to develop you online presence with minimum effort. Thats just one aspect now effecting SEO.

Another important aspect ofsocial media SEOisthe implementation of video optimisationas part of the design of your website. Understanding how video content distribution and how to measure it as a compliment to SEO are essential skills of todays SEO expert.

Its obvious that user experience has always been important when maximising the conversion of your website traffic. Bounce rate, site speed and most recently content are all key changes as part of Googles recent Panda & Penguin updates, as well as other major search engine changes.

Pay-per-click optimisation plans are becoming more effective in gaining valuable traffic from Google & major search engines, more often with new websites as you begin to strengthen your online presence. Its essential to ensure the collaboration of your PPC campaign with the organic search optimisation for maximum results on both sides of the SEO world.

These areas lead us into an area of critical importance in SEO:Google analyticshas given us the ability to monitor and mine data, using this to drive an effective SEO Strategy and allocating resources appropriately regardless of a budget for maximum ROI.


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