The art of blogging is so much more than just putting pen to paper and pouring out your thoughts on a particular topic. While many have made a successful career out of being a ‘blogger’, or even the more recent rise of ‘vloggers’, you can bet there is more to it than just being able to write. Likewise, blogging does not stop once the last word has been written.

In 2016, blogging continues to grow and develop at a fast pace, building on its principles but taking them to that next level. Blogging in 2016 is very different to when the term ‘blog’ itself was coined in 1997, and here you’ll see why.

Visual content is key

As your audience become hungrier for fast, easy information, it is important to find ways to give it to them. Creating visual content, whether it be an infographic, video or simply an image, can be highly effective as well as being incredibly interactive for your audience.

The digital era in which we live often demands new ways to set yourself apart, and visual content could be a pivotal role in your efforts. With over half of us being visual learners, including the likes of videos or popular memes in your blog can ensure it does better than you could have imagined.

Mobile-orientated blogging

With more people using their phones and tablets for on-the-go browsing, it is crucial that your blog is built to be mobile-friendly. Google have now rolled out their ‘mobile-friendly update’, meaning the ranking of mobile-friendly pages will be boosted on mobile search results. Your blog could massively benefit from the volume of mobile traffic, which has begun to outnumber desktop usage.

Integrated strategy

You could benefit from having an integrated approach with your blogs; reaching out on social media and learning how to format your blogs to the best of your ability are both tips that can give your blogs the extra boost you didn’t know they had. A strong presence on social media is an important attribute and will continue to be so into 2016 and beyond.

Optimising your content will ensure your posts are good quality, unique and relevant, whether you are an individual or a business.

Over the years Google has put more and more emphasis on the importance of quality content, and having the right content on your site can help you achieve any number of goals.

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