WhatsApp has launched a WhatsApp Business app, designed specifically with small businesses in mind. A free-to-download Android app, it will make it even easier for brands to connect with their audience, no matter what industry or what location. Currently, 1.3 billion users connect with friends and family through WhatsApp, and the new app launch will create a business aspect for the platform too.

WhatsApp Business is available now to download from Google Play in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, UK and USA and will continue to roll out across the world in the next few weeks. Marking the beginning of a new way businesses and customers can connect, it’s easy to use and a seamless way to make life a little bit easier.

The new aspect for WhatsApp Business doesn’t require users to download anything new; they can continue to use the messaging platform as usual. So, what’s different and why is it such an innovative update for the company?

Features of WhatsApp Business

Business are able to create profiles to provide useful information to their customers; this can include business descriptions and addresses. On top of this, new insights allow you to retrieve messaging statistics including the number of messages read; this can help you to understand what messages are sparking customer interest and what should be avoided.

New messaging tools have been introduced for the Business app too. A ‘quick replies’ feature lets you save messages that you regularly send, in order to reuse in the future for frequently asked questions, while automated messages allow you to set away messages and greeting messages to get the ball rolling with your customers.

By using WhatsApp Business, you will be listed as a Business Account; over time, some businesses will have ‘Confirmed Accounts’ if the account phone umber matches the business phone number. This can ensure that businesses are accounted for and can instil a sense of trust in customers.

Users will continue to have control over what messages they receive; customers have the option to block business numbers as well as reporting any spam they may receive. This allows customers to retain privacy and opt out of receiving business messages.

Small businesses are always looking for new ways to connect with their customers on a personal level, ensuring they catch their audience where they are the most. With so many users already on WhatsApp to chat daily to friends, it’s another way to let the public access their favourite brands without having to leave their favourite apps. Integration of this kind can make it more streamlined for customers, and more productive for businesses.

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