Got a bad smell? Something fishy about your text message? Well it could be your phone! A new devise for smartphones is coming to market in June: The new device can send and receive over 300,000 smells.The iPhone ˜atomiserwith connects to oPhones and uses scent chips and users can download a complementary app; oSnap and users can tag images and scents using a choice of scents. The app is for users to send ˜smellywith messages.

User will be able to buy the app from the Indiegogo crowdfunding site with a price tag of £89 ($150) which customers can pre-order. It is estimated a ˜scent packwith cost about £12 ($20); which are fitted and replace the same way you fit printer cartridges.

The atomiser includes 32 unique smells, which can be mixed and matched; you can make up to about 300,000 aromas to send to others in a text message.

David Edward, Professor at Harvard was the brains behind the new app device. Edwards believes that this evolution in communication will allow users to send and receive ˜smellywith messages which include smells. This will transform the world of communication. He sees this as the start of something new.

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