The best SEO agencies naturally offer the best customer service. However, what does that actually mean?

The answer to that question will help you to know what to look for when outsourcing search engine optimisation and digital marketing in general

Customer service in SEO is crucial. That’s because the working relationship between you and your SEO agency is what makes a high ranking in search results possible.

Therefore, working with an agency like Digital Next – which goes ‘above and beyond’ in customer service – makes your SEO success even more realistic.

What are the hallmarks of an agency that provides superior customer service in SEO? Here are six customer service measures that keep you engaged and confident and ensure your SEO strategy stays on track.


1. Day one listening skills

When you are outsourcing SEO to a leading agency of course you want them to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise. However, the best SEO customer service starts by your agency getting to know YOU properly.

Successful search strategies are rooted in bespoke solutions, including SEO content and activities that perfectly reflect your business goals. So, the first thing to look for in an SEO agency, is that they take the time to research your business properly. Including capturing your expectations, rather than just blowing their own trumpet.


2. Clear, regular reporting

Just because search engine optimisation is a complex science and an ever-moving target doesn’t mean clients should be in the dark and deeply mystified!

The best SEO agency engages in a process of sustained communications, including jargon-free updates and analytics that chart search result performance clearly.

When developing an SEO strategy and campaign, leading digital marketing experts timetable regular checks, measures and client reporting and review deadlines.


3. Empowering you in SEO best practice

This links to the above. The UK’s most successful SEO agencies are not precious about their craft but willingly spread their advanced experience and insights to their clients.

Look for an SEO outsourcing partner who provides SEO training and who invests time in helping you to understand the best ways to keep your search ranking sustainably high.


4. Access to SEO updates and resources

As part of our regular reporting to clients – and our policy of disseminating the latest information on digital marketing – we constantly update our own knowledge, skills and business analytics capabilities.

Then, we ensure clients can dip into these high calibre SEO resources constantly. Even blogs like these show our commitment to sharing what we know!


5. The little touches for customer service in SEO

Beyond scheduled updates and reviews, there is another way Digital Next provides excellent customer service in SEO. Something that is hard to ‘measure’ as it is a fluid process.

Our passion for what we do – and ambition on behalf of our clients – mean we don’t wait for formal reviews to communicate. You can expect regular calls or emails with new insights, ideas and improvement suggestions.


6. Transparency and accountability

Will Digital Next also be honest when something is not working well enough? Of course, as part of our stellar SEO customer service, but also our determination to get you the results you need.

We keep a constant eye on how our clients’ SEO activities are performing, so we can act quickly to suggest tweaks, changes or a complete rethink. It’s the only way to ensure you get a great ROI on SEO!

To experience what outstanding SEO customer service ‘feels like’ get in touch. Remember, we will be listening to you from day one.

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