Google Remarketing

While many aspects of PPC can help you to direct new traffic to your website, remarketing allows you to advertise to those who have visited your website before.

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Why invest in Google Remarketing campaigns?

As part of a wider PPC strategy, remarketing campaigns can help you to reach out to previous customers and encourage both new and repeat business. A remarketing campaign can help you understand your visitors’ browsing habits and advertise accordingly. This allows any remarketing ads to appear in the perfect place to be noticed by your customers.

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Track and target the right customers

Remarketing campaigns can be very effective at putting your business back in front of potential customers, in the hope they will notice you and return to your website. Remarketing ads serve as the perfect reminder of the service or product they previously searched for, and encourages them to sign up, make a purchase or get in touch.

How does it work?

Our team of Google specialists can design and implement compelling and engaging remarketing ads that are engineered to encourage customers to take action. Remarketing allows you to take a proactive approach in driving sales and results for your business.

  • Sales funnel assessment
  • Custom audience creation
  • Google Analytics setup & goal tracking
  • Banner design & content curation
  • Campaign implementation
  • Monthly reporting & consultation
  • Growth recommendations

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Why Choose Digital Next?

At Digital Next, our PPC team is made up of Google experts who have had years of experience in creating effective ads for a huge range of businesses. Not only can we manage your remarketing campaigns, but we take the time to understand your audience and sales funnel to ensure we’re marketing to the right people at the right time. Our remarketing services can offer creative and strategic solutions, along with regular reporting and recommendations for future growth.


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