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Known as Pay-Per-Click, PPC is the paid search branch of online search marketing. It’s a hugely popular and successful way of bringing customers to your website through advertisements. Through carefully crafted PPC campaigns, you are able to advertise your online business in the sponsored listings of a search engine.

Why Do You Need PPC?

Paid search is dominating the search results, appearing in the top results every time. This means a potential customer will always see the ad, even if they continue to scroll past it. PPC can help to improve your brand visibility and target your audience down to the fine details.

How Can PPC Help You?

PPC gives you the chance to have more control over your marketing message, whether it’s through visual product ads, keeping costs low or split testing new landing pages. PPC is a proven method to drive revenue and reach customers at the right time, making sure your PPC campaign brings positive results. With a PPC campaign, you know exactly where your money is going.

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How We Work

At Digital Next we tailor PPC campaigns to your needs, based on extensive research and inside knowledge. Putting your website in front of the right audience is the goal, which we achieve through implementing a number of different strategies that have a proven track record.


Building Your Campaign

PPC can be used for a variety of goals, whether it’s to increase sales, generate leads or simply just promote your brand. By carrying out extensive keyword research and building a campaign that is unique to your business, we can ensure that the relevant products or services are appearing in front of the right audience at the right time.


Tailored PPC Strategies

Working across Google and Bing, we make sure your online business is visible on both platforms. We create concise ad copy and utilise images to relay your marketing message clearly, while targeting specific demographics. Working with a budget that suits your goals, we’re able to deliver precise campaigns to drive results.

PPC Reporting

Detailed reporting

Reporting back to you on PPC campaigns so that you have a full understanding of your paid search activity, we can show you exactly what your budget has achieved. Adjusting and adapting your PPC goals when necessary, it’s an agile method to improve your bottom line.

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Our Methods

As Google Premier Partners, we utilise a vast range of PPC strategies to make sure your online business is thriving through paid search. We’re able to create campaigns based on your needs, using tools like Google AdWords and Google Shopping to drive customers to your site effectively.

seo block1 Adwords Management

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Turn browsers into buyers with Google Shopping Feeds and catch those who are just browsing with no real intent. A Google Shopping campaign can help your brand get noticed…

seo block4 Remarketing

You can specifically target those who have visited your site before, to encourage them to finally make that purchase or even sign up to your updates. Remarketing campaigns can…

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seo block6 Bing Search Advertising

Google’s main competitor, Bing, was launched in 2009 to counteract the former’s search engine monopoly. Housing a number of features that make it unique, it’s important to ensure that…

seo block7 Training Programs

Understanding how to run your website and marketing campaigns can be daunting, whether you’re a start-up or you’re a well-established business. At Digital Next we offer PPC training courses…

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