What is Content Marketing?

Content underpins nearly every aspect of digital marketing. After all, without the written word, your website wouldn’t be of much use to anyone. From keeping your blog up to date, to writing product descriptions, content marketing is a service that you can utilise no matter what industry you’re in.


Content is the creative arm of digital marketing, making sure that your online business distributes relevant and consistent content across all channels. Thinking outside the box and bringing unique ideas to the table, content marketing encompasses both text and visual information to deliver your message in an inventive and original way.


Behind every piece of content is hours of strategic planning and research. Having the right content strategy ensures that everything is managed effectively, helping you to understand who you’re creating content for and why. With the right strategy you are able to put your creative ideas into action, while preparing for upcoming trends or important events in your industry.

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How We Work

At Digital Next, our team of budding Content Marketing strategists take the time to understand all aspects of your business, before developing monthly plans that focus on creating and distributing engaging content that resonates with your audience. Our methodical Content Marketing strategies are entirely tailored to your business with the aim of driving traffic, promoting your products/services and generating new business!

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Content creation is somewhat of a skill, not a task. It’s crucial that all content marketing released under your brand is engaging, descriptive and relevant. Whether it’s practical information to keep your customers in the know, or industry-related topics for those interested, content marketing should explore new ways of reaching your audience. As more businesses are releasing the potential of content, it’s never been more important to be unique in your approach.

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Writing content with a purpose in mind is an important element of content marketing, whether it’s writing for your customers or writing for SEO. Carrying out keyword research, analysing key metrics and building links; it all comes down to having a solid strategy in place. This can ensure your content is fulfilling its role within your digital marketing campaign, which could be anything from driving traffic through the blog, to encouraging people to buy your products.

Our Methods

Our in-house team of writers work across a variety of content types, from blog writing to email marketing, to ensure your brand message is being conveyed effectively. Whether you need an overhaul of your website content or you just want some help coming up with exciting ideas, we’re on standby to jump in where necessary.

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