↑ 500%

Website Traffic

↑ 58%

Event Completions

↑ 43%

When we came to Digital Next, we needed to generate more leads and more revenue online. Since then, we’ve seen an exponential rise in leads, masses of traffic, and conversions too. We couldn’t be happier!

David O’Mara - Hörmann


Hormann UK came to us looking to increase the quantity and quality of leads generated through the site for their major terms such as Garage Doors, Roller Doors, Shutter, Levellers, etc.


By developing a highly refined keyword list based on search volume and relevancy, we firstly increased the quality score of their AdWords campaigns, before setting them up to test which groups of people were influenced by different adverts. We also created bespoke re-marketing lists with HTML5 banners to ensure maximum exposure from their marketing spend. From our efforts, we massively increased Hormann’s web traffic traffic, generated an excellent conversion rate through display advertising, and increased overall profitability through paid search campaigns.

Here’s how we rapidly increased Hörmann’s lead generation process.
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