Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools & Tag Manager Setup

Identify, quantify and analyse your customer’s journey

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Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools allow you to build the right strategies, make sure you’re seen and allow you to track results. A much more advanced way of carrying out SEO campaigns, we’re able to measure success and track how customers engage with your website, as well as identifying trends. Google Analytics setup and and Google Search Console setup are both important to achieve this level of analysis.

Google Analytics and Search Console Setup

At the hub of tracking and measuring the success of your website is Webmaster Tools. Making sure your website remains visible at all times, Google Analytics setup and Google Search Console Setup are crucial steps to access helpful resources for your SEO strategy. Allowing you to track metrics such as traffic, demographics, search times and time on page, Google Analytics helps you to collect data to formulate future strategies.

How can Digital Next help With Google’s Tools?

At Digital Next, we understand that all of this can be a bit daunting, not to mention time-consuming. We can implement Google Analytics setup for you, as well as monitoring the metrics and pulling data for you to look at. This includes everything in a thorough process, ensuring things like your Google Tag Manager is in place correctly and setup right.

Our aim is to make sure that your site is built on solid foundations, and making sure all customer behaviour is tracked correctly. If you don’t do this, you’re at risk of losing opportunities. Leaving no stone unturned, we’ll help you with Google Search Console setup and guide you with our carefully thought-out strategies moving forward.

Is this service right for you?

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